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(This is a non-smoking condo)

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Note on removing shoes  If you are not a frequent visitor to Hawaii you will probably make the mistake of saying "Back in the US" to someone during a casual conversation.  Hawaii is of course part of the United States, but it certainly feels like a different country to people who have spent most of their lives on the mainland.  Hawaii not only looks and feels foreign to mainlanders, but also has customs and traditions that are not familiar to people from the lower 48.  One of those customs is taking off your shoes before entering someone's condo.  This tradition is expected and honored by both lifelong residents and visitors.  The Hawaiian sand and the red clay dirt not only make an ugly mess, they permanently damage the carpet and stain the tile.  Since most people wear sandals and flip flops 12 months a year, taking off your shoes before entering is polite, respectful, and easy.  By the way, the correct way to refer to the lower 48 is "Back on the mainland." Mahalo!

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