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Visiting Kawakiunui Beach

One of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in the world

Kawakiunui Beach is on the west end of Molokai and can only be reached by foot.  There is a dirt road to the beach but it requires both a 4 wheel drive vehicle and a driver who is very experienced at driving 4 wheel driver vehicles over extremely rough terrain. Believe me on this one, do not try to drive this road. 

Even though it is a difficult drive, it is a very easy and very plesant 15 minute hike.  You can also negotiate the road on a mountain bike although you will probably have to get off and push the bike in a couple of places (unless you are a mountain bike star). 

This beach is normally only visited by locals on the weekends.  During the week you will probably be the only person on the beach.  Please remember to be respectful of the land.  There are no trash cans or facilities of any type.  Carry our anything you carry in.  It is very unlikely you will see any litter, but if you do you should pick it up and carry it out. 

If you are not on bikes you can walk back along the shore to the Kaluakoi Resort where the Ke Nani Kai is located. It is a fun walk with some great views.  Bring your camera, bring water, and bring sun screen. 


The walk to Kawakiunui Beack is a dirt road.  Do not try to drive this road!!


The Road In - Not a bad walk.  A lot of the road is very nice.
However, WARNING!!, some of the road is not drivable.

Below: Wakiki Beach, just so you can appreciate the lack of crowds on Molokai.