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Understanding the People of Molokai


The Kaluakoi Resort is on the west end (the sunny side) of the Hawaiian island of Molokai
(Rent directly from owners - get a better quality unit and save money!)

Ke Nani Kai Owner Rentals (large pool, tennis courts, close to ocean)

Paniolo Hale Owner Rentals (pool, no tennis courts, next to golf, close to ocean)

Kalua Ko'i Resort Owner Rentals (pool, no tennis courts, next to golf, close to ocean)

What are your options on the west end of Molokai?

Despite the fact that it has the largest white sand beach in the state of Hawaii, Molokai is almost completely undeveloped.  Unlike Maui, Hawaii condos are very scarce on Molokai.  Most of the Molokai condos are on the west end of the island where the majority of tourist development has occurred.  That said, there are only three condominium developments and no hotels on the West end of Molokai.  There are several ocean front homes for rent, some at premium rates.  There used to be a hotel (the Molokai Ranch) but it closed abruptly on April 5, 2008 with only 9 days notice.  The Ranch was in a dispute with many local residents over their ability to develop La'au point, and area that is sacred to the Hawaiian people.  The Ranch owned and operated the golf course at Ke Nani Kai and the golf course is now closed.  Deer now inhabit the fairways and sneak onto the condo properties (which are heavily watered) at night to eat.  The current herd is about 200 deer as close as I can tell.  If you walk at night you will hear the watch deer bark like a dog when he spots you.      

The three condominium developments (Ke Nani Kai, Paniolo Hale, and the Kaluakoi Resort Colony) are all on the former golf course fairways which are adjacent to the beach.  These three properties have a total of a little over 200 Condos.  All are privately owned and are part of the Kaluakoi Resort which has Papohaku Beach (the longest and most unoccupied white sand beach in Hawaii) and Kepuhi Beach.  Many of the owners of these condos never rent their units.  Even during the high season (December - April) when Hawaii condos are almost all booked, the Kaluakoi Resort is a very quite, peaceful, laid back kind of place. 

Many of the west end condominium owners are retired people and are full time residents.  About half of the Molokai condos are owned by snowbirds who spend the winter months relaxing in the warm tropical breezes of Hawaii. Most of the other owners visit from time-to-time, but do not rent.  This leaves very few Condos available for tourists.  Although Molokai has more than its fair share of tropical wonders (beaches, waterfalls, etc.), the peace, tranquility, and lack of tourists is one of the island's most outstanding attractions.  After your first Molokai vacation you will likely find yourself raving to others about this jewel you have discovered in the middle of paradise.

On the other hand, if you are a person that likes to go out and party every night, a Molokai vacation may not right for you.  Because of the lack of tourism, the choice of restaurants, bars, and night clubs is far short of what you will find on Maui or Oahu.  There certainly are good places to eat (see page on where to eat) and a few very interesting bars (the restaurant and bar at the Hotel Molokai for example), but the choice is meager compared Honolulu or Lahaina.

Note: It is our intent that this page include only properties rented directly by owners.  We have no role in renting any of these properties and have received no compensation for listing these properties.  It is simply a courtesy to our neighbors.  

If you own a condo on the west end of Molokai and rent the condo yourself (i.e. do not use any broker or real estate agent) please contact me with the information you would like added to this Web site and I will be glad to accommodate.  Mahalo, Will Fleenor


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